Flower beds, pruned trees and impeccably maintained lawns are the trademark of almost every commercial complex. In fact, this is the impression that almost every visitor should get as they enter through the main gates. A business is judged not only by the building it operates out off, but also by the surroundings it is in. While what happens outside the gates cannot be controlled by us, our gardens are certainly our responsibility.

This however is easier said than done. Why? It is simply because each complex has large areas which are allocated to gardens. This means that it requires a large workforce to be able to maintain and beautify the area. If you pause and think for a while, you will find that it makes better sense to employ a professional landscaping company to take this work of your hands. In fact, the company will have numerous employees who are trained to handle your needs and you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Commercial landscaping involves the needs of large acres of land. This certainly makes the landscaping task much more difficult when compared to that of your garden at home. Not only does a commercial complex require a lot of out of the box thinking, it also needs something that has the potential to shock and awe! Designing this on your own can be difficult and it is risky. It may or may not turn out to be good and once you invest in the idea, you can’t get your money back.

A professional landscaping company however can do this for you. The risk is reduced to almost nothing because they have years of experience and training. Once they know what you are looking for, they can mold your ideas into a feasible project.

While planning the layout of the landscape is difficult, executing the plan is even more tedious. This is because it requires an in-depth understanding of the soil, the plants and the climate. Understanding these three factors is very important because each variety of plants/trees grows well in different kinds of environments. It is important to know if the climate of the surroundings is conducive to their growth.

The contents of the soil are also equally important. As each plant draws nutrients from the soil, it is essential to see that the nutrients are provided. An analysis of the soil will tell you just what is lacking. As individuals, we find ourselves without access to the equipment required to test the soil. This is where professional landscaping companies come to the rescue.

Professional landscapers can help you understand your garden’s needs and help you decide which plants are best suited for your climatic conditions.


Everyone knows that spring cleanups can be a difficult task to tackle. Most of the people who have this opinion usually talk about their experience with their home gardens. Commercial landscapes also require the same kind of care but since the area that is involved is larger, the task becomes much harder!

A cleanup doesn’t just mean raking out the trash. It means ensuring that the trees are pruned and the soil is checked. Once this is done, the land has to be prepared before a seed can be sowed. Spring cleanups are hard work and they require proper knowledge if you want it done right. If the spring cleanup isn’t done properly, you will see the repercussions in your garden later on. In fact, it is appropriate to say that a spring cleanup is the foundation of a good garden.

Professional landscapers have the tools and the manpower to tackle the problem. They can finish the job both quickly and efficiently while your employed gardeners would still be twiddling their thumbs. That’s why employing a professional makes a lot of sense.


While the initial landscaping steps are fun, the real struggle that you face is in ensuring that the gardens are maintained well. Unkempt lawns and trees which are not pruned can just shove the initial hard work down the drain.

The issue that most of the people face is that they do not know how to maintain the landscape of such a big area. It becomes intimidating and sometimes even a little baffling. Luckily, this is where professional landscapers help us out. Their regular maintenance checks ensure that the gardens are maintained in tip top condition!

A well kept garden is the key to setting a visitor at ease. It acts as a warm welcome. A commercial garden can also help the employees of the business (or the residents of a complex) relax. That’s the main reason why it needs to be well kept and well presented. It is a task that can be hard for a lay person to manage. Professional landscaping companies provide the solution to this problem. They ensure that you get what you want. They also ensure that you get it in time. That is probably why we find them in high demand all over the world!


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