When it comes to planting grass, hydroseeding is the wave of the future. Many people have not heard of hydroseed or the hydroseeding process and have no idea what idea what it does. Essentially, hydroseeding is a type of planting process for the lawn that can have unique advantages. This process uses a combination of slurry created using seed and mulch to help plant lawns or areas of soil. It is commonly used in large areas by the government in areas of burned forest to help reseed the area or as erosion control on construction sites.

Hydroseeding is the newest way of planting grass, and there are distinct advantages to using it as opposed to sowing dry seed or broadcasting. This seed spray technology allows for more blends, quicker installation, accelerated seed germination and growth rate and more. Read on to find out more about hydroseeding and why it should be your choice for growing your lawn.

How Hydroseeding Can Help You Grow a Better Lawn

The advantages of using hydroseeding to plant grass are endless. We’re going to run down the advantages for you one at a time.

The Advantages of Choosing Hydroseeding

– It’s Implemented Quickly

Hydroseeding is known to be one of the quickest ways of seeding a lawn. As such, it can be completed in a relatively short time and will take less time than other traditional methods. It is even able to cover a large amount of area pretty efficiently, which is why it’s so commonly utilized on hills and lawns that slope. Planting grass this way will prevent erosion and keep the soil intact even though it’s vertically challenged.

– It typically costs less than sod.

If you’re not a first time home owner, you likely already know that sod has been a favorite when it comes to seeding lawns. There was a time when nearly everyone used sod to plant their lawns. However, these days sod has become very expensive per square foot. Hydroseed typically will cost you slightly more than broadcast seeding but less than sod. Ask for a comparison quote from a company that does hydroseeding and compare it to a quote for sod and get an idea of the price difference for yourself.

– Very quick returns!

Hydroseeding is so beneficial for people who are in a hurry. If you’re attempting to get some grass growing to prevent erosion or just want to get your new lawn started, this is the method that is going to deliver the results that you need. Hydroseeding is so rapid and the germination rates are quick that you can count on grass starting to come up about a week from the day of implementing the seed spray. From there the grass will continue to grow and you should have a lawn that is already starting to fill in and require mowing a month in! The quick returns are thanks to the fibrous mulch used in the seeding which retains moisture and is able to help the seeds germinate more efficiently and quickly!

– Choose from hardy seed blends.

Seed blends are often used in hydroseed lawns, which can be advantageous for several reasons. Sod commonly may use one type of seed, which invites disaster if the grass starts to get diseased. With multiple types of grass growing, your lawn has a stronger immune system and a greater field of protection as well as natural resistance from disease.

– Different types of seed for specific lawn needs.

Hydroseeded lawns have a variety of lawn blends, which is great for selecting for specific lawn care needs. They not only have better adaptability, they also can be selected in order to work with certain conditions. These could be too much shade, lots of sun, tough soil, and more.

– Will be more cost effective for large areas.

The hydroseeding machine works very efficiently once it is set up. A large area takes nearly as much time as a small area, making it more cost effective for large areas than other methods like sod, which require manual labor, materials and time for every inch installed. Using seed spray takes a lot less time, which can end up saving you money.

Planting grass is easy when you use hydroseed! Seed spray is a quick, efficient, and proven method of planting your lawn. Consult a lawn services company today to see if hydroseeding might be the right choice for you!

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