Good soil is essential for your lawn. Soil can gradually become compacted due to activities such as walking, mowing and other various activities on the lawn. This can create a problem for any lawn, especially on clay and loam soils.

Compacted air reduces the capability of water and air to penetrate, which can result in discolored growth, poor grass growth, or bare patches. As a part of your routine lawn care practices, lawn aeration would loosen the soil to allow water, nutrients and oxygen to penetrate, which would promote stronger and deeper root growth.

A perfect law aeration process reduces soil compaction, assists control or eradicate moss, controls grass thatch, and thickens turf, which reduces weeds and increases your lawn’s stress tolerance.

Does your lawn have any of the following problems?
Poor drainage
Excessive grass thatch

Lawn aeration is an excellent cultural care that will assist alleviate the above problems, allowing deeper root growth and ensuring strong, healthy plants. Deep and vigorous roots allow your plants to gain maximum nutrients and water for its growth needs.
It is requisite to make the right choices and understand lawn aeration before getting the service. The information would help you answer questions about the importance of lawn aeration and why you need lawn treatment. Further, you’ll gain information on when and how often to have them. Kindly read on to answer common questions about Lawn Aeration.

What are the types of Aerations?
Lawn aeration types are grouped into two; solid tine aeration, Slit tine aeration and hollow core aeration.
Hollow core aeration may be used to enhance the use of top dressing and improving drainage.
Solid tine aeration eases the growth of the grass plant.

Why have Aeration Treatments?
Aeration allows the good supply of air to the roots. Therefore, the roots use the nutrients, passably from fertilizers, efficiently. Aeration also enables better pour space and soil decompaction to be achieved, especially crucial when the plant is growing rapidly.
Also, it provides passageways for water to pass, which shows that it aids irrigation and drainage. The aerated soil has spaces that allow passage of water to the roots of the plant. Therefore, Lawn aeration is just as important as planting the lawn. A neglected lawn will not yield its desired results and will wither off before due time.

Importance of Lawn Aeration
Improves pour space
Improves air movement in the soil
Aids irrigation and drainage
Allows healthier grass growth
Boost distribution of nutrients in the plant.
More Vigorous grass plant

When should you undertake Lawn Aeration?
Lawn aeration can be conducted at any period of the year apart from when the soil is frozen or waterlogged.
Further, you should know that it is best to aerate the lawn when the soil profile has sufficient moisture. Therefore, it is best to aerate in late spring. This will aid grass health and uptake of nutrients up to the next main growing season.
You can also aerate during autumn. This will boost the general grass condition and soil drainage during the wetter months.
Both autumn and spring are two periods of the year when the grass requires a lot of oxygen. However, you shouldn’t limit the Lawn aeration to the two periods, since the plants will benefit from an all year round aeration.

Is aeration ideal in?
Late Spring
Early Autumn

How can a lawn aeration firm help?
Visiting the lawn regularly, identifying problems, identify problems while they are in their growth stages and eliminate them before they become precarious.
Since the firm’s vast experience in the field shows that lawn succeeds in having multiple feedings – lawn aeration firm can help to customize, in every field visit, the treatments that are appropriate for your lawn.
Experienced lawn aeration firms have the expertise to handle your lawn with care and ensure it produces t its best.
Lawn aeration firms have professional technicians who are licensed to control moss and weeds, carry out law scarification, fertilization, aeration, and disease treatments.

Turn your lawn into an amazing ground no matter the state it is currently. Your lawn aeration firm can work with you to get it back into its perfect shape. You’ll enjoy the results, and they will be long-lasting. Why not give your lawn aeration firm a call today and change the current condition of your lawn.

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