A great lawn does not depend on luck. It depends on how much effort you put into making sure that it is perfect. There are so many things that you need to consider before you even start to plant the first seed. Is it the right time? What is the fertility of the soil like? Does the soil have adequate drainage or not?

There are so many questions and as a lay person we have very few answers. That is why the wisest decision is to employ a professional landscaper.

Professional landscapers are trained to take into account all different kinds of variables. They follow a rigorous procedure of preparing the ground before they even think of planting the seeds. It is only when they deem that everything is perfect, that they decide to go forward to actually planting the seed.


Preparing the ground is the first step that should be taken. There are different types of grass that are available all over the world. Each type of grass requires different conditions. That is why it is wise to know which grass you had planted the previous year. This will help you take into account what changes you need to make to ensure that your lawn grows well. In fact, most people recommend taking a soil sample test to know the components of the soil in your garden.

This however is easier said than done. How can a lay person check the soil? Do lay people need to rely solely on intuition? Most people will tell you that intuition is not the solution. That is why there are an increasing number of people who hand over this job to professional landscapers.

Choosing the seed, depends upon the climate that you live in. This is particularly useful if you are starting from scratch. If you choose a type of grass that is meant for your climate, it will grow quickly and will remain much healthier. Different lawns require varying degrees of sunlight and of shade. Sometimes using a spliced seed maybe just what you need to get the perfect turf.

Obtaining an in depth understanding about all this can be difficult. That is why it is wise to let a professional landscaper will help you understand which is the best grass for your garden.


While the words ‘over seeding your lawn’ may sound like a bad thing, it isn’t so. Over seeding a lawn actually refers to technique used to ensure that a thinning lawn is rejuvenated. This helps to improve the color of your lawn and the lawn starts to look thicker and fuller.

While most people tend to reseed the bald patches that are present in a thinning turf, there is another way which has proved extremely effective. The first step is to mow the lawn. The second step is to use a machine called the ‘lawn aerator’. This machine functions of simple mechanism. As you push it forward it punches holes into the ground and deposits seeds into the holes. The problem that most people face is that everybody has a lawn mover but not everybody has a lawn aerator.

This is probably one of the reasons why people employ a professional landscaping company to do the over seeding of their lawn. In fact, a professional landscaper will be able to give you an in depth analysis of the status of your lawn and what you need to do to improve it. They will also do the hard work for you which may come as a big relief.

Another thing that most people do not take into account is when the seed needs to be sown. Many people have different theories. Some advocate sowing the seeds in fall. A vast majority tend toward sowing the seeds in spring. Each species of grass is different and a professional landscaper will be able to tell you just how different your seeds are from the others. That way you can sow them at a time that is best suited for them!

A lawn is one of the privileges that spring offers us. We all want our lawns to be perfect and we don’t mind working towards it. Understanding the seed you are planting holds the key to growing a great turf. The rigorous procedures and protocols that professional landscapers use help ensure that the needs of the seed are fulfilled. After all a healthy seed grows into a healthy plant only if it has the right nourishment and the right climate. This makes trusting a landscaper a wise choice.

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