Mulching keeps your yard and garden healthy and looking great. Below you will find ten advantages to mulching and why it’s best to use a professional landscaper for mulching.

Far Fewer Weeds
Mulching prevents weeds from germinating and prevents the spread of weed seeds! Mulch blocks the sunlight from hitting the soil directly which would otherwise stimulate the germination and early growth of a weed! Mulch also provides a protective layer so that wind-blown weed seeds cannot take root!

Water Conservation
Applying mulch to your garden reduces evaporation by up to seventy-five percent. If you are environmentally conscious and or live in a municipality with high water prices, water conservation is a very significant advantage!

You Don’t Have To Water As Often
In the hot summer months, many gardeners find themselves having to water their garden two, three, or more times a day! A nice layer of mulch protects the soil from drying out after you water and allows the soil to retain water for a longer time when it rains.

Prevents Erosion
A heavy rain or the force from a water hose or sprinkler system can quickly wash away your valuable top soil! In fact, even a heavy wind can damage the top layer of your soil. Applying a nice layer mulch will protect your soil from these common sources of erosion.

Keeps Nutrients In the Soil
This is an under-appreciated fact. When it rains, the top layer of your soil becomes water soaked and releases nutrients into the water. Then, as the water rushes out again, it carries with it these nutrients. Mulching reduces the movement of water and this helps the soil retain more nutrients.

Adds Nutrients To the Soil
Organic mulch like bark, straw, wood chips, leafmold (chopped up leaves), and composted material are the best mulch to add nutrients to your soil. As the organic material breaks down, it releases a steady supply of nutrients into your soil. We can help you choose the best type of mulch to to supply nutrients for your soil type and vegetation.

Repels and Reduces Insect Pests
Some types of organic mulch, like crushed cedar bark, contain natural oils that repel unwanted insects. A good mulch can also enhance the number and quality of beneficial bacteria, fungi, and insects. These then can help outcompete insect pests and make the soil composition less attractive to them.

Invites Earthworms To Take Up Residence
Earthworms aren’t just good for catching fish! They are a gardner’s best friend! They break up the soil creating air tunnels that allow oxygen to get into the soil and carbon dioxide to escape. Earthworms also break down the components of the soil which makes the nutrients more bioavailable to your plants. In fact, worm castings are considered a fabulous natural fertilizer which you can get for free by adding mulch.

Provides Temperature Control
In the hot summer, the bare soil can heat up too fast, damaging the root systems of your plants. Mulch provides insulation that makes the soil heat up gradually and never get too hot. Mulch also helps the soil retain heat and stay warmer in the cooler months. In this way, you can think of mulch as a “thermos” suitable for hot or cold! This is particularly helpful on the South Shore of Massachusetts.

Beautifies Your Garden
The aesthetics of mulching cannot be over-emphasized. It provides an attractive layer over bare soil. Mulch can also add interesting color contrasts in your garden. If you are interested in selling your home, mulching can add instant curb appeal to your home. According to Angie’s List, well designed landscaping can add seven to fourteen percent to your home’s value!

Advantages Of Using Our Professional Mulching Services
While you can certainly do your own mulching, our professional mulching offers significant advantages. First, we can evaluate your yard and offer expert advice on the type(s) of mulching that will work best for you. We look at a variety of factors. Do you have flower beds, walkways, vegetable gardens, hedges, etc? Do you have children and or pets? What type of microclimate(s) do you have? Do you have an insect or rodent problem? Second, we can prevent you from making mulching mistakes that can really harm your vegetation. For example, many mulches that DIY home landscapers use seriously deplete nitrogen from the soil. Third, you don’t have to do any back breaking hauling of mulch back from a garden center and apply it to your garden! While gardening is healthy exercise, there’s no need to hurt your back doing it.

Our professional mulching services are reasonably priced and we can give free estimates. Click here to set up an appointment.

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