Lush green grass is a sign that a property owner takes pride in his or her property. The sight and feel of rich green grass is also a comfort to your family, friends, and pets. If you own a business, the striking visual of a healthy green sod lawn will draw customers to your business location and give them an immediate positive impression about your business. For home owners and those in the real estate business, a yard that features beautiful thick green grass will increase your property value by thousands of dollars. You may also be the pride of the neighborhood.
While many people attempt to do their own sod installation, this particular DIY effort often ends in disaster, or at the very least, an unsatisfactory result that you end up having to live with for a long time. To do sodding right, it takes someone with a great deal of experience. Here are five advantages to hiring professional sodding instead of DIY lawn installation.

1. You’ll Get the Best Variety of Grass
All too often, DIY sod installers have no idea which type of turf to choose. They may base their choice solely on price, not realizing that some varieties of grass, for example, may not flourish in dryer conditions and or in areas which get intense direct sun exposure the entire day. No matter how well you perform your sod installation, if you buy a variety of grass that is not well suited to your specific land, it will die or look sickly.

2. The Land Is Prepped Correctly
It is very important that your land be prepped properly for your new sod lawn to take hold and stay healthy. Old grass may need to be removed and some grasses, like Torpedo and Bermuda, are very stubborn and special expert care is needed to fully remove them permanently. Professional landscapers may also test the pH of your soil and check your levels of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to determine not only what type(s) of grass will grow best at your location but also how to condition the soil before applying the new sod lawn.

3. They’ll Already Have the Right Equipment
Yes, you can rent some of the equipment you’ll need such as sod cutter, roll sod, and a rototiller, but doing so can be quite expensive. Plus, there’s a learning curve while you are figuring out how to use the equipment you are probably not familiar with. Remember, you are usually renting this equipment by the hour so your learning process may be quite costly! You will also need to buy some special tools that you likely do not currently own like a hand tamper, landscape rake, and fertilizer spreader. These can easily add up to several hundred dollars. For big projects, some professional lawn installers will also have machines that unroll the sod lawn evenly and require much less time and manual labor to do so. These tools of the trade, and the knowledge of how to use them, give a much more professional look to a new lawn.

4. Help With Your Watering Schedule and Irrigation System
If you work with a professional landscaper on sod installation, they can provide detailed instructions on when and how to water your new lawn after installation. If you water too little or not often enough, your grass may die. On the other hand, if you overwater, you run the risk of not having your grass grow deep roots which you will need for a long-lasting and durable lawn. A professional landscaper can also offer other important post-installation care instructions such when and how to mow your new grass so you do not damage it.

5. You Get a Warranty
If you buy your own sod and try do it yourself lawn installation, you may be out your entire investment if something goes wrong! With a professional landscaper, you are given a warranty so your sod lawn can be fixed or replaced if something goes wrong. Be sure to specifically ask about the terms of the warranty and how many days you get.

As you can see, for most people living on the South Shore of Massachusetts, hiring a professional to do your sod installation can save you a lot of money and make things a lot simpler! You’ll also ensure you get a nice lush green lawn to enjoy! Click here to schedule an appoint or ask about our services.

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