Our environment works on a finely tuned balance. No matter which part of the world you travel to, there will always be a seasonal change in climate. These changes in climate in turn affect the plants and trees in the area. The biggest seasonal changes take place in spring and in fall. Plant behavior is so closely linked to the seasonal changes that most people can predict the change of the season based on the behavior of plants. For example, the change of color and the shedding of leaves in abundance leads us to believe that fall is fast approaching. While the fresh shoots that we see in the ground after winter indicate that spring is round the bend!

Along with the changes that plants experience, we find that our chores also keep changing. In fact, we have different chores in fall and different chores in spring! Most of these chores revolve around cleaning up and maintaining our yard. With the varied amount of information that we have to keep in mind while doing our seasonal clean up, it seems prudent to employ the services of a professional landscape company.


While most people think that a spring cleanup involves cleaning up the house, in reality it also extends to the garden. With frost melting away, spring signals that it is time to prepare the garden for the green that is to come. This can be a tedious job as it involves a lot of hard work. Most people think that the work entitles just peaceful gardening, but they could not be further from the truth.

The ground is the source of nutrients for every plant and preparing the ground is a must. To do this you need to know what your soil contains and what it needs. To a lay person this sounds overwhelming and rightly so. Professional landscapers however are armed with both the knowledge and the tools to check this. They roll up their sleeves and plunge into the task at hand without apprehension. This is because they have years of experience and training!

In fact, the first job that they will do is clean your garden. They will pick out all the trash that could have accumulated. This includes dead leaves, twigs, branches etc. It’s a hard and dirty job. Raking up the dirt and litter takes a lot of time and effort. It also takes a lot of energy. Professional landscapers know just who do and they can get the job done in a tenth of the time that you would take.


Just like spring, fall brings along it’s own set of problems. Leaves are the biggest issue most people face. The more you rake them up, the more keep falling! The effort required to do this day in and day out is considerable. The other option is to leave the leaves where they are. This however isn’t a very good idea. Leaves which are left in the yard over winter develop leaf mold. This mold prevents sunlight and water from penetrating through to the soil. Thereby, you can see that come spring, you will have a mighty big problem with your lawn!

There is an easier solution. Call in the professionals. They will rake up the leaves and even prune your trees. Professional landscapers are trained to see things that you would tend to miss. Another great thing about calling in the professionals is that they get the job done extremely fast. This is probably because they have a number of great gadgets that as an individual you may not possess. So instead of struggling with your yard and your garden over a series of days, call a professional landscaper and get the job done in a day!

Employing professional landscapers to help you with your fall cleanup could possibly be the best decision you make. This is because they prepare the ground for the coming winter and it will be easier for you to have an amazing garden when spring comes along again!

Landscaping and maintaining your garden is hard work. A garden needs to be loved and nurtured. Most people start off their garden with a lot of enthusiasm and find that their plants do not thrive. This is because they haven’t done a good cleanup job during the fall or during the start of spring. Lack of knowledge plays a big role in this. That is why it is best to employ professional landscapers. After all, your garden deserves the best!

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